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vampsband's Journal

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Welcome to the VAMPS LJ community!
This is a community dedicated to VAMPS, where fans from all over the globe
have come together to discuss anything VAMPS-related.
It's a great place to make new friends and keep yourself informed,
so come join us!


Be respectful of all persons.
May it be the community members, VAMPS members and affiliates, or anybody else,
no negativity will be tolerated. If there's an issue, pm the admin.

All entries must be related to VAMPS.
While topics about the members' other bands and projects (such as the L-band and OD-band)
are allowed, they have their own LJ communities, so it would probably be best to discuss
those bands in their respective LJ communities.

Do not post or request any download links to mp3s or videos that have been officially released.
This means do not share anything that is listed on their discography.
VAMPS have been trying really hard to make it easier for international fans
to access their music (e.g. iTunes downloads and region-ALL DVDs)
so please support them by purchasing their stuff.
**However, sharing mp3s and videos of radio, tv, web clips, are allowed.**

Going along with media posts, sharing scans and pictures are allowed as long as they are not official fan club material or complete scans of photo books/tour pamphlets.
Magazine scans, icons, gifs, screencaps are allowed.
If there is a specific photo that you just have to share from
an official photobook/pamphlet to ask a question or discuss, then it is allowed.

Use an LJ-cut if your post contains large images, icons, lots of text, etc.
We don't want to mess up anybody's friends list so if your post is long, use a cut!

If you aren't sure about any of the rules given, feel free to pm the admin.

This is a members only community.
You have to join to read entries.